Pools & Wellness

For centuries, hydrotherapy is being used to promote pleasure, health and well-being.

Intelligent design, high-quality details and advanced technological control systems form the core of our innovative and customized solutions using water as the fundamental element.


We design indoor or outdoor swimming pools that reflect the way you are, by ensuring the uniqueness, sophistication and sustainability of each solution.

"We frame your dreams into the landscape, from water mirrors and infinity edge to the most traditional formats, creating the perfect setting for a revitalizing dip."

We assure efficiency, durability, safety and compliance with all technical requirements - we have tools that allow you to remotely monitor your pool while maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the water, all year round.


The starting point for a healthier lifestyle is your well-being, allowing you to respond positively to everyday challenges.

"Whatever solution suits you best, we create the ideal atmosphere to relax and take care of your self-balance, providing genuine sensorial experiences for body and soul."

The benefits of the spa, sauna and Turkish bath are widely recommended for muscle relaxation and circulation activation, relieving daily fatigue. However, there are other options like contrast showers, salt cabins, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy that allow you to inhale moments of peace, tranquility and relaxation.